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SmartSigger_logoI have been writing for SmartSigger-magazine since last spring and I have to say that I have really liked it. Writing about something forces one to give more thought into subject at hand and I feel that my best articles are still to come.

SmartSigger is spiritual successor to two previous betting magazines and / or online communities. First Smartsig and after that Smartersig. Almost complete Smartsig archives can be accessed from here and I think they are a great resource, naturally game has changed over the years but I think there are ideas and thoughts that can be utilized even today.

One of the recurring features in Smartsig was KISS, or Keep It Simple Stupid -systems. Collection of simple approaches to betting. So far I have encountered at least few that I would like to check with recent data and see if they still work and if not, if they could be made to work.

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My betting workflow

I use two approaches to my betting – for a while now I have been building an Bayesian betting system which calculates odds for each race on any given day. It is still work in progress but results so far are promising. And other avenue is betting systems where selections are made mechanically based on set of criterias.

In both cases I use same database to give me handy list of selections each day. So once the system is built and tested it is trivial to get the selections each day. That way it is easy to concentrate on the interesting parts and not spend lot of time in the menial stuff.

As a source of data I use excellent Racing Dossier by Michael Wilding of Race Advisor fame. Within the software there is handy export option to spit out csv-file of days races and set ratings that one has defined.

Once I have the data I upload it to my system and it will calculate the odds and prepare the list of selections. After that it is just matter of placing the bets, for them I use bunch of BOG bookies as well as Betfair. For figuring out which bookmaker to use I check Oddschecker for summary of odds available.

If you like to read more about my Bayesian system, I have written three part diary describing it for SmartSigger magazine. First part was published in July 2014 issue, second in August and third one will be in the yet to be released October issue.

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