York Dante Festival – Day 2

We are off to a losing start. Onwards and all that.

Astaire LOSE (6) @ 9.03

Tomorrow I am going with two bets, both as one point singles and also combined into E/W double. I haven’t done much E/W doubles, but they seem to be all the rage and I am ready to hop on to that bandwagon.

14:40 Madame Chiang @ 8.5
15:45 Homage @ 10.0

York Dante Festival – Day 1

I thought about writing a wrapup after Chester, but there wasn’t much to write about. All in all my top rated had only 2 winners of which I managed to pick the other one. And due to final days first selection being a non runner we ended up with minor profit.

Onwards then towards York Dante Festival and day 1 selections. This time it seems that I have more reference data compared to Chester last week so I expect to see more selections this time around. That being said, we start with only one selection on the first day. Which is a one point win bet.


15:15 Astaire


Expanding to Twitter

I have extended my media empire to Twitter! Have been doing it for a few weeks now and realized that I haven’t actually mentioned it here at all. Well, you can find my betting related tweets at @racealyst.

This is still a bit of a learning process as I try to figure out the best way to use this additional outlet. But one thing that I might repeat is something that I did ad hoc today, live tweeting tips as races unfold. This wasn’t something that I planned on doing, but planetary bodies aligned and I got the idea today before the 18:40 race at Wolverhampton and proceeded to share my selections until the last race of the day.

Laura B 2nd.

Flicka’s Boy won @ 4.5.

First Rebellion 7th.

Dialogue 4th.

Smart Motive 2nd.

Ninepointsixthree 7th.

Moulin Rouge 5th.

This was surprisingly fun to do. And while doing this I got an idea of challenging some other twitter tipster for a evening tip battle some night in the future, that could be entertaining. Let’s see what happens.

Fun as this was, it wasn’t exactly profitable with only one winner from 7 bets and a loss of -2.5 points.