SmartSigger – Making Your Betting Pay

SmartSigger_logoI have been writing for SmartSigger-magazine since last spring and I have to say that I have really liked it. Writing about something forces one to give more thought into subject at hand and I feel that my best articles are still to come.

SmartSigger is spiritual successor to two previous betting magazines and / or online communities. First Smartsig and after that Smartersig. Almost complete Smartsig archives can be accessed from here and I think they are a great resource, naturally game has changed over the years but I think there are ideas and thoughts that can be utilized even today.

One of the recurring features in Smartsig was KISS, or Keep It Simple Stupid -systems. Collection of simple approaches to betting. So far I have encountered at least few that I would like to check with recent data and see if they still work and if not, if they could be made to work.

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