Chester May Festival – Day 3 bets

Today we found a winner. Maverick Wave took a nice win in the first one. And Dark Ruler was not that far away either, came third two lengths from winner.

Maverick Wave WIN @ 5.52
Dark Ruler LOSE @ 7.82

Final day gives us again two bets

16:20 Gatepost
17:25 Two Jabs

I think I’ll do one more blogpost about Chester and will look at how my top rated did in all races ran over the festival.

Chester May Festival – Day 2 bets

Well, that didn’t go well. Two losing bets from two selections. Secateur went out as favourite and seemed to be doing well until the final few furlongs of the race. Mappin Time was nowhere throughout the whole race.

That is now in the past, lets’ look at tomorrow then. Again two selections, same as today.

14:40 Maverick Wave
17:25 Dark Ruler

And as was the case today, both are 1pt win bets.

Chester May Festival – Day 1 bets

This is something that I have been planning to do for a while now, public festival bets that is. While you can pay for some festival tips, for example Betfan is running a festival special for Chester, I still prefer trying to do it myself.

Anyway, for the first day I only have two bets, both 1pt win bets.

Chester 15:45 Mappin Time
Chester 17:25 Secateur

Both are result of my bayesian system, and while the system rates all of the days races and I could present a selection to each race, I do like to add a bit of human touch, namely to check that data looks consistent and that I can stand by the results of my might algorithm.