Royal Ascot Day 1 selection

One problem I have with (or rather my way of analysing races) festivals is that I often don’t have enough data to go by. My database extends only to beginning of 2012 and this means that I might not have enough reference data to feel comfortable making selections. Depending on circumstances but correct going – purse class combination might not have happened often enough.

Partly for that reason I only have one bet at Ascot tomorrow. My system highlighted couple other favourites as well, like Sole Power and Gleneagles but Sole Power I am going to skip due to lack of data and Gleneagles due to low odds. So I am going to go only with:

14:30 Solow

EDIT: Just read a good preview for the day from GeeGeez and Matt Bisogno agrees with my Solow pick. You can find his analysis from here.