New Smartsigger and Artificial Neural Networks

Latest issue of Smartsigger was released a few days ago. Among other great articles there is mine where I document my first forays into Artificial Neural Networks. As I am relative beginner and wrote that article from that perspective I am constantly learning new things. One outcome of this continuous learning is that after writing that article I have already changed my toolset. Instead of Fann I am now using AI4R which I actually find to suit my workflow a lot better.

Speaking of ANN’s, I am almost done with my second version of network which determines if run a horse was a good, ok or in worst case a poor one. As I am writing this I teaching it flat races and once that is done I am able to calculate results for each last time out for runs ran in 2013 and have a first look at what effect (if any) this has on strike rate and profits. So one step closer to Suitability Score.