New issue of SmartSigger!

Today marks the day for February issue of SmartSigger magazine. My article this month is about a system where I utilize some Racing Dossier ratings with some of my own creation. Test for that system is ongoing at Race Advisor forums, but so far results have not been quite up to par but I am confident that results will improve.

All in all I think it is well worth a read and if you are not already a subscriber you can get your first month for free to see if the content is such that you wish to read it in the future months as well.

I am also excited about competition Michael Wilding is publishing this month were competitors need to create a system based on given historical dataset. Systems are then matched against test data to see whos system gives the best results. Unfortunately one is only able to participate if you are able to access Race Advisor forums which can only be gained buying any of Michaels products.

I already have few ideas on how to approach the competition and I will write about them here, atleast after the fact when I have seen if results were there 🙂