Results for July Baseball bets

Again one more month has passed and baseball season has turned towards the end, four months behind and three to go. July included all star game break of almost a week which meant a slightly lower number of selections last month.

Anyway, we are back on track and adjusted stakes seem to do the trick, althoug all bets were on profit as well in July.

 All selectionsAdjusted flat stakesAdjusted stakes

I think following chart is quite informative, it shows cumulative P/L on daily level for all bets as well as adjusted stakes.

And we can also see that overall, adjusted stakes have creeped ahead of all selections in early July. This was mainly due to dry spell starting around 22nd of June where all selections P/L dropped to just little more than 6 points. Adjusted stakes suffered as well, but not nearly as much as all selections. Overall adjusted stakes are currently standing at around 5% return on turnover while all selections are at little over 2% return.

All in all, it would seem that Zcode is offering some pretty decent selections and I have started thinking that maybe I should do similar test run with NHL hockey bets during the wintertime.