Dobbing Secrets – Review

Now this is a first one for the blog. A product review is not something I had in mind when starting this blog, but I have had a chance to try out new product called Dobbing Secrets by Michael Wilding and I wanted to write a few words about it.

As the name of the product suggests, it is about style of betting called Double Or Bust. If this is completely new to you I suggest that you take a look at this page at Patternform. But in short it is about betting on horses you expect to shorten in price in running and then laying them at half the odds so that you either double your stake or lose your stake completely.

Dobbing Secrets is delivered as ebook in pdf-format and is accompanied by calculator as an Excel file to help in selection finding. Xlsx-file worked just fine in Libre Office as well. Total length of the book is 51 pages bulk of which is used for examples.

Dobbing Secrets describes simple strategy for finding the selections. While the strategy is simple it does take some effort, I found that depending a bit on number of suitable races it took around half an hour to 45 minutes to cover days racing. This time is further shortened a bit with experience. I am calling it a strategy and not a system as it does involves a decision of ones own and it is not just blindly following set number of rules.

Before reading the book I had heard about dobbing but hadn’t really tried it as I didn’t know where to start from. In that sense the book is good primer on the subject and gives out initial tools to start learning. There are also ways suggested on how to expand once you have the basics nailed down.

As is suggested in the book itself I would also recommend starting with paper trading. Mainly because selection strategy does take some learning. That being said, numerous examples in the book give a good basis for learning by doing.

While the book is not be all end all betting product (which one is?) I can recommend it. I feel that this type of betting is not my cup of tea, mainly because I live in a different timezone and my schedule doesnt’t sync the best with UK racing but I still gained things here and there and a bit different view on races than what I normally have.

Dobbing Secrets is for sale for £47and it can be purchased from HERE.

Disclaimer: That is an affiliate link.