Back to drawing board

I ran a system test for my bayesian system at Race Advisor forums for a few months and few thousand selections. It became clear that even though I was profitable it depended too much on the luck factor.

My system still seems to favor one selection too much which means that my odds line is not accurate as on many occasions my top ranked is at odds of close to 1.0 and then rest are way overboard. It is not uncommon to see odds of few thousand for the lower ranked runners.

Thus, I am going to rebuild and rethink my likelyhoodratios and in addition add a couple new ones as well. I am also in the process of redoing my good run neural network and that means that I am going to recalculate all of the ratings that depend on that. Meaning most of the  Suitability Score-ratings of which I have added quite a few.

I also plan to add better view, maybe chart of some sort to visualize which likelyhood ratios are the ones that make certain horse top ranked selection.