Royal Ascot Day 1 selection

One problem I have with (or rather my way of analysing races) festivals is that I often don’t have enough data to go by. My database extends only to beginning of 2012 and this means that I might not have enough reference data to feel comfortable making selections. Depending on circumstances but correct going – purse class combination might not have happened often enough.

Partly for that reason I only have one bet at Ascot tomorrow. My system highlighted couple other favourites as well, like Sole Power and Gleneagles but Sole Power I am going to skip due to lack of data and Gleneagles due to low odds. So I am going to go only with:

14:30 Solow

EDIT: Just read a good preview for the day from GeeGeez and Matt Bisogno agrees with my Solow pick. You can find his analysis from here.

Results for May baseball bets

Time to review how month of May was when it came to my baseball betting. April ended on a high note and I had high expectations for May. Unfortunately thas was not to be and May was losing month for my adjusted stakes. This time around plain picks worked better and were actually pretty consistent when compared to April results, return on turnover was almost the same in both months.

 All selectionsAdjusted flat stakesAdjusted variable stakes

Below is a chart showing P/L movement since the beginning to the end of May.


1 2